Reception hall Poonewa Location

  • Location

    Malima Reception Hall, is situated at Poonewa, 8 Km away from Madawachchiya town towards the Vavuniya along the A-9 road, close proximity of (SLNS Pandukabaya) Naval Base. It is tastefully renovated and maintained to the highest standards. The fully air conditioned hall has a 300 seating capacity, catering facilities and other facilities required to host weddings and other functions.

  • Transportations
    Vavuniya to Punewa 16.4 km
    Anuradhapura to Punewa  39.4 Km
    Medawachchiya to Punewa 11.2 km
    Nelumkulama to Punewa 46.9 km
    Hamillewa to Punewa 60.6 km